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Continua Health Alliance certifies Freescale i.MX51 platform for medical applications

AUSTIN, Texas – July 23, 2010 - Freescale Semiconductor’s  i.MX51 development platform has been certified as a manager supporting the blood pressure cuff device specialization by Continua Health Alliance, a non-profit, open industry coalition of healthcare and technology companies that collaborate to improve the quality of personal healthcare. This certification enables Freescale to share health and wellness communication capabilities more efficiently with more than 200 other global alliance members dedicated to establishing system interoperable personal health solutions.

Freescale’s i.MX51 applications processor family balances performance, power consumption, connectivity and multimedia capabilities. These devices are designed to meet the critical needs for the medical market such as intuitive user interfaces, sophisticated graphics processing and extensive connectivity options. The high level of integration enables reduced system bill of materials, thereby providing medical manufacturers comprehensive cost-effective solutions. The i.MX51 is also industrial qualified, enabling  continuous operation for up to 10 years. The i.MX51 family is part of the Freescale Product Longevity program making the device available for a minimum period of 10 years. Please see the Freescale product longevity program for terms and conditions.

In conjunction with Lamprey Networks (LNI) HealthLink software, Freescale’s  i.MX51 processor acts as a USB manager and runs the LNI OXP Manager Stack, enabling Continua devices to deliver data from blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, fitness equipment and other medical devices requiring USB connectivity to electronic Health Repositories (eHRs). LNI’s OXP Manager Stack consists of a high level API that provides rapid development by hiding ISO/IEEE 11063-20601 details to the developer. The OXP Manager Stack is Continua CESL compatible, allowing the software to support multiple transports in addition to USB without needing to update the core stack.
These  types of multi-vendor medical device networks are transforming the way medical devices interact, allowing the users to monitor vital signs such as weight, glucose levels and blood pressure —at home or remotely.  The information can also be made available to a doctor in real-time to take necessary measures such as adjusting the patient’s medication or administering further testing.

Together, Freescale, LNI and Continua are working to leverage communication standards to deliver hardware and software to improve device-to-device communication among patients and professionals in the medical field. For more information on Freescale’s solutions for medical devices, go to

About Continua Health Alliance
Continua Health Alliance is a non-profit, open industry coalition of the finest healthcare and technology companies joining together in collaboration to improve the quality of personal healthcare.  With more than 200 member companies around the world, Continua is dedicated to establishing a system of interoperable personal health solutions with the knowledge that extending those solutions into the home fosters independence, empowers individuals and provides the opportunity for truly personalized health and wellness management.

About Freescale Semiconductor
Freescale Semiconductor is a global leader in the design and manufacture of embedded semiconductors for the automotive, consumer, industrial and networking markets. The privately held company is based in Austin, Texas, and has design, research and development, manufacturing or sales operations around the world.

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